Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anipal ReCognition Awards

As many of you know, I have hosted the AAAC recognition night for 2 years. I was asked to do the same for this year. I I have also been asked to work on bringing Be The Change to twitter by BlogPaws. I told the AAAC chairs about this. I got this email from them today. My heart is broken in 2. I have disabled comments. You know how to find me if you have something to say.

 This is my email to the chairs:
 I have been asked by Blogpaws to spearhead their Be The Change campaign on Twitter. The recognition awards are indeed one aspect of helping animals in need whether it is time or talent. I would like to be included if it is not too late.


 this is their reply:

 Congratulations on your move to Blog Paws' main campaign. To avoid conflicts of interest #AAAC and all our active committee members must remain separate from Blog Paws, our main sponsor, and biggest supporter. We are glad one of our past committee members, and founding members has been chosen to move on to an exciting position with them.   Tiger & myself are so grateful for all of the hard work you have put in. Best wishes with your new role! We look forward to working with you as liaison to Blog Paws Be the change twitter campaign.       
 Good Luck,         
Autumn & Tiger