Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink Slip Email From AAAC

After much thought, I felt it is best to post the follow up email sent to an undisclosed recipient list by Anipal Academy Awards. This explains the thoughts behind why I was fired from my volunteer slot as Achievement award coordinator.

I need to remind you that I have not received any money or remuneration in kind. I have no idea how this information about me was obtained. I wish someone could explain to me the logic.
Here is the email:

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Hide Details FROM:Anipal Awards Message flagged Sunday, May 6, 2012 6:10 PM

Dear #AAAC Committee members,

It's been a while since our last gala awards ceremony. And we have another small event coming up in a few weeks where we will honor anipals Graphic Artists. The scope of this award is to honor those who go above and beyond the normal graphic art of making cool Avi's and pictures for fun, and honor those who do it for blogs, pawties, businesses,etc. Examples would be @TinyPearlCat & @RealFakeGator for #NipClub, @Flicka47 & @GoergeTheDuck etc for #PawPawty, @PepiSmartDog for various OTRB blogs and tweets...

We are asking anipals to send suggestions of who to honor (with a link to see their work) as comments on our main blog page, so please start publicizing that right away. We will vet the nominees and honor all who fit the criteria. There will be no voting...this is an honors situation. Each will be awards a star on the Anipal Academy Walk of Fame.

We have decided to do this a couple times a year for different groups, we've already done authors/artists, barktenders-dj's and pawty staff, and now Graphic Artists, we still have anipal entrepreneurs and many other groups to go in the future.

We have also decided to separate the #AAAC Awards and The #AAAC Photo/Video contest into two events separated by a few months. It keeps us in the spotlight for more of the year, makes the voting process smaller and easier, lets us divide the work more without burning anyone out. It also takes the limitations for time off of each ceremony. The Rainbow Bridge Honors will stay connected to the #AAAC Awards.

All the ceremonies will be in partnership with #NipClub as a venue, and with BlogPaws as a corporate sponsor.

That leads us to another issue.

Because of the recent scrutiny of pawties and their charities, (re: the recent nightmares endured by #NipClub & #PawPawty) we must be very careful to make sure we are seen as a separate entity from our corporate sponsor.

Several of you have been offered the position to make sales for BlogPaws on a "for commission" basis (including Autumn. who had to gracefully decline) or to serve as officers for BlogPaws Campaign (as MaggieTKat has been offered and accepted), but with all the close scrutiny we MUST make sure nothing can be seen as a Conflict of Interest between #AAAC and our Sponsors. Even though it is totally innocent, and there is nothing wrong with it, the atmosphere on twitter is so volatile, that we wont risk anything that could seem inappropriate to those trying to destroy us.

Maybe in the future we can revisit this policy as the atmosphere changes.

BlogPaws is our greatest supporter, and we have communicated this with them as well, and they understand. This does NOT include participation in BlowPaws events, tweeting their info, giving them publicity at every opportunity, it just includes working on a per commission basis, or as a direct employee of BlogPaws.

So let's have fun, work hard, make sure BlogPaws knows how much we appreciate them, and that we are worth working with in partnership. And maybe our work ethic, fun events, professionally, along with #NipClub, #NipClub Monthly, and other worthy events we can make this tense atmosphere in the Twitter Anipal community disappear and we wont have to worry about this type of thing.

Love and Hugs,

AutumnTheDoxie & TheNascarKitty
Anipal Academy Awards Chair-Anipals
and creators.

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  1. PepiSmartDog: *scratching my head* Don't think I understand that if a pal can MAYBE make $2.00, that this means he cannot be part of Nipclub?
    Many who TRY and do the affiliate thingy will not actually make anything; Example: I tried Google Adsense for months and made 53 cents. BOL !
    We are all just volunteers, for charity. None of us are trying to be Donald Trumps of Twitter. We volunteer for Pawpawties, AnipalTimes, NipClub, BlogPaws, and any other charity event: I don't understand why we can't volunteer for everything, and if we occasionally are offered the chance of affiliate stuff, why we have to choose.
    Plenty of pals have affiliate ads on their blogs, but still work at pawties and stuff.
    We are volunteers....we are not 'getting paid' or making salary.
    *sigh, with ears hanging down*
    *pulls old dog face*