Monday, October 24, 2011

Achievement Awards for Pawty Volunteers

I will be presenting Achievement Awards at the Friday Night Anipal Academy Awards ceremonies. These awards go to volunteers who help make anipal charity pawties and donations possible. There are approximately 150 anipals that donate their time for #pawpawty, #nipclub, and other charity functions. It is incredible to me that out of the thousands of participants about 150 anipals freely give of their time and talents. These anipals are true heros in our world.

When you attend pawties, please be mindful that these volunteers are trying their best to help you have fun. Please be considerate and thank the dj's, quiz masters, and barktenders. If you have a suggestion, do it politely or on DM. Barktenders can easily miss tweets. DJ's spend hours putting together playlists for pawty themes. Requests are gladly taken when presented in a constructive manner. Quiz masters usually quiz for many hours and appreciate an encouraging word.

Without this core group of anipal volunteers, support for anipal charities might fall apart.

Please give your pawty staff a big thank you the next time you "pawty hawty".


  1. Just shared this on twitter under @dakotasheltie great reminder for jobs that are well done!

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Some of you even do multiple jobs all at once!