Thursday, September 22, 2011

thankful thursday

We have several things to be thankful for.
1. Mom is almost finished with the quilt so I can get lap time!
2. Mom is having shoulder surgery tomorrow, so we will get lots of cuddle time!
3. I will be thankful if Mom isn't bitchy after the surgery, but will be next week's blog!

And, I am thankful that my mom is such a nerd!


  1. So happy your mom finished the quilt. I know she's been working hard on dat to get it done before surgery tomorrow. Tell your mom if she gets bitchy next week, just Skype M and they can bitch together. he he - I might have to go outside in my KK to get away from it.

  2. Purrs to your human for her surgery tommorrow! I'm sure you guys will take good care of her while she is healing

  3. Oh Dog! I hope the surgery goes well for your mama. I will keep my paws crossed and add her to my prayer list.

  4. I hope everything goes perfectly for you mom's surgery. Lots of healing purrs on their way! Love you.

  5. TW is sorry she hasn't called you since Blogpaws; We're thinking of you and hope the surgery goes well and you're not too loopy, aka doped up, after it. Purrs and kisses.

  6. Hoping your mom's surgery is a success! She deserves to get bitchy every now and then (we all do, bol), but you'll be sure to make her feel better!

  7. Please give your mom a big purr from me and tell her that me and Mom and lovin' on her from afar today.

    And thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop. We love your kitty chemist pic! That's pawesome.