Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Auction

I have the honor of having the last piece for the Art Auction for World Vets. Our fearless leaders, @CheshireK and Robin, have worked so hard keeping everyone informed and coordinated. Kudos to our artists @Boomiethecat, @whskr/@dashkitten and @Cokiethecat / @bohopets.

Please go to the link above and bid on Mom's quilt. Please?

The small wall quilt is a Kimono print from Kona Bay. Complimentary fabrics were chosen for applique elements which were stitched in gold metallic thread. The surface was heavily quilted. The picture does do justice to the main portion of the quilt. The dark rust area will be heavily stipple quilted to match the interior density (to lie flat). All machine quilting was free motion. The quilt will be bound with a contrasting fabric. The back has a suprise fabric, but I will tell you there are samuris aplenty.

Parker and I were really helping mom with this one. She said we delayed her progress, but we knew when she needed a break, mainly cuz her threads kept breaking! We are goona show you how much help we were!

Maggie on chair snoopervising Bored?

I am NOT sleeping

Nice Samuri, Mom! Doesn't look any better this way.


  1. that iz a bewtiful kwilt, I wish I cud see teh sprize part

  2. Love it. Pop bought this new computer and now we can't afford anything else and I wanna new cat tree.

  3. Mags, you and Parker did a pawsome job of hampering - errr -- helping mom. The quilt turned out gorgeous, and I'm sure it was cuz of all your "help" and supervision.