Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Domestic violence and animals

Our anipal community is trying to help a domestic violence situation, and they family has 2 dogs. The mother and children were moved to an emergency shelter, and the dogs have found VERY temporary housing and need to be moved soon. Here is one of mariodaCat's tweets: "Temporary FOSTER home needed for 2 dogs - So. WI. See for details & pictures."

The dogs have found a home in California, but need transportation. Agin, one of mario's tweets: HELP! Dogs need @pilotsNPaws transport assistance: #WI to #CA will drop off & pick up! HELP! PLS RT! We might have to fly the dogs commercial, or form a transport "train".

Here is a link to very helpful listings regarding domestic abuse and shelters.

Mom has been very silent on this matter. She was verbally abused in her first marriage, and didn't realize what actually happened to her psyche until much later. For some reason, this situation has resurrected feelings that she thought she had counseled out of her, not to mention her situation was totally different. She has worked with Lydia's House (shelter), given much of her time, energy, and quilts while trying to understand it all. She is not trying to turn this post into a pity pot, but really trying to piece together why she has been powerless to help.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Actually, every month is awareness month, or should be. thanks to all the anipals who could help. I think mom can only give money to transport the dogs. She is shedding tears for the mom and kids.


  1. Thank you Mags for this very important post and for stepping up to play a major role in organizing a relay of vehicles & humans to deliver Pugs & Noodles.

  2. aw its such a sad story an your momz story too. Its nice your mom haz been able to halp so much wiv her time an hard werks.

  3. I love your mama! She a great lady! XoX My mama learnt another thing today thanks to your informative post - she hadn't realized that aminals suffer domestic violence, too. Very important to remember. Thanks Maggie, & give your mama a huge warm snuggle for me, eh? :)