Monday, February 21, 2011

Songs Peeps Sing

@Bztat started a trail last week that has been resounding in my brain. She asked pet owners, what song do you sing to your pet.

I am ashamed that mom does it, yes, offkey and worse than caterwauling, she has special songs for each of us. I will share her songs, and I hope you guys can share your peeps songs so you can embarrass them, too!

Rudy: A message to you, Rudy by The Specials. They do it much better.

Maggie: Peg by Steely Dan, her name song

Parker: this is so bad that even i who pretend to not like him, get so embarrassed
So you know the Parker Man (to the tune of muffin man, how juvenile mom!)

Julie Dog: Julie julie (to the tune of Louie Louie)

Dali Dog hasn't gotten her tune yet. And She respects Buster Cat, the old guy, so doesn't embarrass him. So, what's up with the rest of us? Are we chopped liver?

Please share your peeps' horrible tune!


  1. Peeps make up songs 4 each of their cats. I have a lot of hand-me-downs with a few word changes like "She's a stunning little cat / she's a stunning little cat / she's a stunning, stunning, stunning little cat, cat, cat" instead of cutsie. Ugh. Or even worse "She's a stunning little cat, don't u know / She's a stunning little cat, she let's it show / She's a stuning little cat in a stunning little hat / She's a stunning little cat, don't you knooooow." Try those on Mags and tell me if you're still embarrassed by your songs.

  2. I sing "What's New Pussycat?" to Cody...I tend to make up my own songs and music depending on the mood. When I give Cody his meds at dinner time I sing "It's medicine time, medicine, time, do-do-do-do-do-do medicine time!" (too bad you can't hear the music" lol or lucky you can't!)

  3. Hay we duzn't haz any songs abowt us! Wats up wiv dat Mags? I demand a song of mai own! Songs fur kittehs! mew I likes your mom's songs an I bet I wud like her singing too *purrr*

  4. I want new oomans. I don't has any special songs for me either. I kinda like the "What's New PussyCat," so may be we'll steal the idea from Cody. M used to do a lot of singing, long before I came here, but she gave dat up a few years ago when her voice got all old.

  5. Awww, you got a darling mama! Mama don't sing to me, she just talks and talks....makes up rhymes with my name....she a silly lady.