Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making an Anipal Quilt

Mom made a quilt for the Anipal Times February Prize. We helped to document the process, and this is our photo essay.

Parker supervises sewing

Mom arranges the blocks

Maggie claims a patch.

Maggie and Parker discuss details of the quilting process.

Ready for borders, despite the discussion

Parker seems to have lost the discussion!

The top is quilted! Detail of the owls and back.


  1. Oh My G - Dat is so very bootiful. What a great prize that is going to be. It's extra special cuz Parker & Maggie had a paw in making it too. Lots of work in dat masterpiece.

  2. It's a gorgeous Quilt...and made with special Cat furz, too!

  3. That's beautiful! U Kruse Kats sure are talented.

  4. I love the pictures of the artists at work. I am a quilter too and I appreciate the amount of work, for both humans and cats, that goes into such a lovely piece.

  5. Wow what a lovely quilt and what a great pwize. Oh that is so very specials purrr love petie

  6. OMC... you know that I just love quilts... It's a wonderful one.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. What a cool quilt! Made even better with the supervision of Parker and Maggie!

  8. That's pawsome! Thanks so much for donating it and for documenting 'the making of...'! Everyone get ready to enter to win this quilt at! We'll get it up really soon.

    Good luck!
    Cokie the Cat

  9. That is a really beautifuls quilt and I likes all the animals on it. Parker and Maggie sure know how to make themselves useful. I like to help when mom quilts too. Hug hug hug, Boomie

  10. Excellent photo essay! That quilt is WONDERFUL! Beautifully intricate, no, ART! Your mama has talent all over the place - BTW, Maggie & Parker - you look MAH-VELOUS!