Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pep Talk in Every Wrapper

Halls Vitamin C drops have platitudes on the drop wrappers. Here are a few motivational gems:

  1. You've survived tougher

  2. Don't give up on yourself

  3. The show must go on. Or work.

  4. Seize the day

  5. Be unstoppable

  6. Tough is your middle name.

  7. Nothing you can't handle

  8. Impress yourself today.

  9. You can and you know it.

  10. And, the ever popular, GO FOR IT!

Now that you are properly pumped, seize the day and impress yourself by going for it!


  1. I want one that says "kick back and relax!"

  2. Huh. Now why don't greenies have things like this?

  3. It's nice they give you a warm, fuzzy message each time you open a bag. Hope you get over that cough so you don't need them anymore.