Tuesday, February 11, 2014

words and questions

Our favorite blogger CathyKeisha, not to mention off and on paramour for Parker, had a great blog about asking questions of TW, or in our case "the big FAT comfy warm Mom lap". So, here are the questions from the cat contigent known as KruseKats.


  1. Why is the Neko Fly shut up in a closet? And why is it on top of a bunch of quilts that fall on us?
  2. Why are the Greenies Smartbites in the pantry where Parker can't get to them?
  3. Why do you let other cats besides Maggie sit on your lap?
  4. Why don't you have litter boxes in almost every room so we don't have to walk downstairs?
  5. Why do you have to brush our tails?
  6. Why do you let Parker enjoy your tilapia? He gets fish breath.
  7. Why do you have to have water running in the shower? It is a perfect DRY hideout for Ken.
Maggie and Parker
So, here is Mom with her attempt to address our concerns:

  1. Neko flies are great toys, but you only would pay attention to it in brief encounters. (Oh, like right! Let me pull the legs off those suckers, and I will STILL chase them!) They are kept on top of quilts to deter cat marauders. (Well, that is just wrong!)
  2. Parker needs to keep his figure if he expects to take CK to the Valentine's dance. (OK, you win that one.)
  3. My lap is equal opportunity despite birthright. (boy, you are a real pain in the arse, mom!)
  4. I happen to get asthma attacks from litter dust, so that is why they are in the basement. (You ailment isn't a concern for us. Man up, woman!)
  5. I brush your tails because you have such long fur. Brushing restores them to a gorgeous plume-like state. (I guess you have us on that one. We do like to look good.)
  6. Parker likes tilapia, and other than that I have no good excuse. He probably is my last red cat, and I do spoil him a bit. (AHA! I knew it! He's your favorite. NOT FAIR!)
  7. Showers are like cat tongues. Ken hangs out in lots of strange places, so the shower is not on my list of things to worry about. (I have to admit the Wegie is strange, so I will let you slide on that one mom.)

Well, we won on many points. I hope she does somethign about this inequality thing. Thanks CK for bringing our concerns to light!

The Magster


  1. I think humans have LOTS to answer for! ;-)

  2. What amazes us is that the humans always have an answer for all our questions. Not that we like the answers we hear....

  3. Yo, Parks, bring some Greenie Smartbites on Valentine’s Day. We can get fat together. MOL! No. 1 answer is just plain wrong.

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