Friday, March 9, 2012

Fantastic Quilt Friday!

#AmysQuiltArmy marches forward! My second in command, @LeoPussMan tells me he has 130 squares requested for signatures. What a phenomenal worldwide outpouring of support and love!

My block makers are @BoomietheCat in Toronto, @CheshireK's UH in Texas, and @DazeeCat in North Carolina. The next time you see them on Twitter give them a big thanks! I will make up a few kits for those who want to make their own block.

The block makers are sending the blocks to Leo who will distribute to all US anipals. leo will also send a big package to @Jazzydacat in the UK for european distribution. Boomie will send squares to Canadian friends.

Included with the block is a practice piece so you can see how it is to write on fabric. there will also me a piece of freezer paper that instructs you to iron it onto the back of the block. The freezer paper stabilizes the fabric so it is easier to write.

I believe the blocks get sent back to me.

Once I get the blocks, I will count, and arrange, and make a pleasing quilt arrangement. You will have pictures of that process, I promise. Parker and I snoopervise every quilt layout.

I want to thank @LeoPussMan and @lilywhoT whose name I have spelled wrong for all their help in organizing this effort and creating my favorite thing, spreadsheets!

It certainly takes a world of anipals to create the love!


  1. I can't wait to get our blocks. Mom's promised to help us embroider our names on. This is furry exciting.

    1. that is fantastic! really permaent then. yay!

  2. Hope TW can handle this. She ain't too good with an iron. HAH! I look forward to putting my CK on it.