Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do Kitttens Need?

I am pondering Parker, and what kittens need. I don't EVER remeber being that little,and neither does Mom. So, we are asking, what do I have to have for kittens?

Do kittens teethe? do I need cool teething rings? He should know how to use the box, so no problem there. do they chew on everything? How high do they jump? Can they get through baby gates? do I have to put him in a room with no fabric and cords till he grows a little?

We need kitten help!!!!

Love, Mags and Family


  1. Jean in VA. (purrxlots)June 9, 2010 at 8:03 AM

    I've always found with the many furry family that I have had and now have that anywhere that they can get in little spaces should be blocked - like behind frig. or stove or other appliances or anywhere that you don't have very good access to them. Also some of them like to chew cords - so be very careful with that. My youngest are sister and brother almost 2 now.
    Good luck and have lots of fun.

  2. Be very careful of cords. I'd worry about curtains/drapes, although maybe if have lots of things for them to scratch on, they'll leave curtains alone. It will be fun, but there will be days you'll pull your hair out!

  3. Plenty of toys to keep him busy and scratching posts. He'll teethe on his toys. Make sure you have kitten formula food. Keep him in one room until he gets acclimated. I'm sure he'll appreciate a warm little kitty bed too. You're gonna have to be careful when you walk cos kittens always seem to be underfoot. I know Parker will LOVE living w/u!

  4. We agree abowt cords and also the strings on window blinds and curtains, just window blinds themselves can be danjrus for kitteh.

  5. *Claps paws* It's going to be so exciting seeing how Parker gets on

  6. Yes!! Teething toys are so handy, we had some for Rumbles when he first came, we can't remember the brand name off the top of our heads....