Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Help Parker Dress for THE Date

We don't know if CathyKeisha will go out with Parker on Valentines, but they seem to have a standing date no matter. As we all know, CK is her own ghetto cat, so one never knows how the wind blows. However, Parker is trying to figure out what jacket will impress her. Normally he is a furist, but it has been pretty cold lately. So, we will take votes on the best jacket for the Handsome Mancat
to wear for Miss Wild CK!

Here is Mr. Parker so you can have a visual to compare:

A. Tuxedo

B. J. Crew Herringbone Sport Coat

D. Bomber Jacket
C. Casual Leather Jacket

E. Jean Jacket

 Mom and I are going for the bomber jacket. We were watching a rerun of Magnum PI, and Tom Selleck Looked HAWT in his!

The Magster


  1. I like the casual leather jacket, but not in that color. It would clash with his furs. Black would be better - that goes with everything!

  2. Whoa! Head rush! I’m just wearing my furs. Pop had a bomber jacket like that but it wasn’t real leather cos real men don’t wear real leather.

  3. I vote Bomber Jacket too. It will keep him toasty warm. Have fun pals.

  4. I think a special occasion needs a special jacket so TUX
    ah well out voted again

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