Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Help Parker Dress for THE Date

We don't know if CathyKeisha will go out with Parker on Valentines, but they seem to have a standing date no matter. As we all know, CK is her own ghetto cat, so one never knows how the wind blows. However, Parker is trying to figure out what jacket will impress her. Normally he is a furist, but it has been pretty cold lately. So, we will take votes on the best jacket for the Handsome Mancat
to wear for Miss Wild CK!

Here is Mr. Parker so you can have a visual to compare:

A. Tuxedo

B. J. Crew Herringbone Sport Coat

D. Bomber Jacket
C. Casual Leather Jacket

E. Jean Jacket

 Mom and I are going for the bomber jacket. We were watching a rerun of Magnum PI, and Tom Selleck Looked HAWT in his!

The Magster

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

words and questions

Our favorite blogger CathyKeisha, not to mention off and on paramour for Parker, had a great blog about asking questions of TW, or in our case "the big FAT comfy warm Mom lap". So, here are the questions from the cat contigent known as KruseKats.


  1. Why is the Neko Fly shut up in a closet? And why is it on top of a bunch of quilts that fall on us?
  2. Why are the Greenies Smartbites in the pantry where Parker can't get to them?
  3. Why do you let other cats besides Maggie sit on your lap?
  4. Why don't you have litter boxes in almost every room so we don't have to walk downstairs?
  5. Why do you have to brush our tails?
  6. Why do you let Parker enjoy your tilapia? He gets fish breath.
  7. Why do you have to have water running in the shower? It is a perfect DRY hideout for Ken.
Maggie and Parker
So, here is Mom with her attempt to address our concerns:

  1. Neko flies are great toys, but you only would pay attention to it in brief encounters. (Oh, like right! Let me pull the legs off those suckers, and I will STILL chase them!) They are kept on top of quilts to deter cat marauders. (Well, that is just wrong!)
  2. Parker needs to keep his figure if he expects to take CK to the Valentine's dance. (OK, you win that one.)
  3. My lap is equal opportunity despite birthright. (boy, you are a real pain in the arse, mom!)
  4. I happen to get asthma attacks from litter dust, so that is why they are in the basement. (You ailment isn't a concern for us. Man up, woman!)
  5. I brush your tails because you have such long fur. Brushing restores them to a gorgeous plume-like state. (I guess you have us on that one. We do like to look good.)
  6. Parker likes tilapia, and other than that I have no good excuse. He probably is my last red cat, and I do spoil him a bit. (AHA! I knew it! He's your favorite. NOT FAIR!)
  7. Showers are like cat tongues. Ken hangs out in lots of strange places, so the shower is not on my list of things to worry about. (I have to admit the Wegie is strange, so I will let you slide on that one mom.)

Well, we won on many points. I hope she does somethign about this inequality thing. Thanks CK for bringing our concerns to light!

The Magster

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Etsy Store for Maine Coon Rescue

Parker and I decided to help our less fortunate Maine Coon kin and put mom's crafty stuff on Etsy. She says as stuff sells, she donates profits to Maine Coon Rescue. Recent activities for MC Rescue include recovery, veternary care, and fostering for cats from hoarding situations. Mom plans to add totes and bags, maybe even small quilts, but hasn't dug out the sewing machine yet. In the meantime, I am posting some of her jewelry.

Please visit our store for purchases, and thanks from all of us Maine Coons for helping!
KruseKats - Helping Animals

Autumn Jasper
The crystal thing is a knife rest.

Garden Bracelet - Hand Sewn to bead base. Makes a lovely sound.
We have not chewed on this. Promise.

Purple/Grape Swavorski Bracelet and Earrings

Lime Agate, Fresh Water Pearls and Mother of Pearl Bracelet. The lime agate has
a calming effect on Mom. I think it should calm Parker and Ken.

Hope you enjoyed our mini-showcase. Please remember to visit KruseKats - Helping Animals !

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Favorite Things Award

My homey, Cathy Keisha, was nominated for several awards. She allowed us humble cats to choose for a reply. I chose My Favorite Things, and all three of us are going to participate even if I have to beat them senseless. brothers!

Parker's Favorite Things
boinks, springs, and Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Pimentos, tomatoes, canned mushrooms, marshmallows and cantalope
Tussling with Ken
Mom's lap and Sleeping on the ottoman
A clean litterbox which just happens to be a cement mixing tray

Ken's Favorite Things
KIBBLE KIBBLE KIBBLE (ed. he's becoming an oinker)
Silvervine toys, undercover mouse and Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Tussling with Parker
Laying in the middle of the walkway and getting belly scratches
The Sink
Planning suprise Maggie attacks

Maggie's Favorite Things
Any friskies canned food
Mom's lap and Sleeping next to mom
Neko flies from Nip and Bones
Being brushed and boxes
Black beans, canned mushrooms

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Parker helps mom sew. I think he is goofy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

KruseKats Talk Science - Cicadas
Cicadas are the topic of this season! Eastern areas of the United States are hosts to the 17 year Brood II. I thought it might be interesting to look up some facts about the loud insects.

The uppermost topic on all anipals’ minds is: “Can I eat these things and not get sick?” The short answer is YES!!!! What a relief since those cicadas are really noisy and irritating, a trial for cats and dogs. I say, give the AMA a high paw for telling our worried humans it’s fine if we indulge. The AMA does recommend that humans watch how many we ingest since the wings and legs can irritate our throat and maybe a sensitive tummy. (medicalnewstoday) Cicadas don’t bite or sting, so we are safe against that type of injury.

The current crop of Cicadas is a periodical brood known as Magicicada which emerges every 13 or 17 years. These are the reddish ones with red eyes. Cicadas appearing together maintain their populations without predators reducing their populations.

There are other cicadas known as Dog Days or Tibicen since they come out every 1-5 years. This guy is a greenish, large species (thinks to self, I bet those are really satisfying crunchies).

Cicadas have in interesting life cycle where they spend most of their life as a nymph underground. When Nature signals “it’s time”, nymphs burrow out of the ground and find a plant to crawl onto so they can molt. Once they have molted, the whitish exoskeleton darkens and hardens. Once the exoskeletons have hardened, adult mating behaviors begin.(insects.University of Michigan)

The males start singing to attract females and fly short distances to find the lady. Once mated, females cut lines in young tree branches to deposit her eggs which may number up to 600. After 6 to ten weeks, eggs hatch, the nymphs drop to the ground and burrow to find a root for food source. The life cycle repeats.

I would like to clear up a misconception that locusts are the same insect as cicadas. They are classified differently and their scientific names show that they are from different families.

For all those humans who have been worrying about us anipals eating cicadas, you should know that they are a very good protein source. Look for the nymphs and females for the best eating. There are hundreds of recipes such as candied cicadas. Yum! 2 years ago when eastern Missouri had their 13 year Brood, an enterprising ice cream store owner in Columbia decided to cash in on this protein source. He coated the cicadas in sugar and chocolate, adding them to 1 batch of ice cream. The ice cream was doing a brisk business until the city health department suggested that it might be against regulations.

I hope you have enjoyed our first science article. If you have suggestions for topics, let me know!

MaggieTKat aka The Mags

Friday, May 31, 2013

Science by the KruseKats Coming Soon

We all got together and decided that we would like to blog about science related stuff. I have experience with science articles, and the boys seem eager to learn about creepy boy things. That Ken investigates lots of things with 2+ legs.

So, look for a blog post about cicadas coming soon!

We take requests from our friends with enquiring minds.

The Mags