Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quilting is SO Difficult

Mom is making a quilted wallhanging for Okey's Promise kickstarter challenge. We have to keep our paws and eyes on her otherwise who knows what direction she'd be off into. It is a difficult job, so I will be detailing how to snoopervise.

First of all, you have to make sure that all participants know who the snoopervisor in charge is, Me!!!! Do not for one moment think that I am sleeping. I have slits in my eyelids. I see all.

I insist that the cat help have a good bath before assuming duties.

Our duties include making sure the borders are sewn on properly.

There are many gadgets that must be checked out for maximum efficiency.

Sometimes Mom is just so exasperating! So, we call for a scritch and then stretch break.

Finally, she is at the stage where the top is done!

Before we go on to the next step, a little snooze is in order.

Stay tuned! Many more KruseKat exploits with Okey's quilt coming up! Parker dumped over beads last week. We are praying he doesn't do that this week! I think there would be lots of bad words.


  1. THIS is why Mommy doesn't sew any more.

  2. And none of those words would be good words either. HAH!

  3. Oh Mags - dat is one gorgeous quilt again. You have us laughing here - of course you need to supervise. Mom's have a way of "goofing off' if we don't supervise. he he - I see Parker was being his usual helpful self. he he

  4. I don't think my human could pull off a decent quilt, even with my expert supervision.

  5. OMC, who is that BIG marmalade mancat?? Rumblemum is melting at the very sight of him!

  6. The quilt is gorgeous already. I can't wait to see the beaded finished product!

  7. The quilt is going to be spectacular, good thing you're overseeing the project! *high paws*