Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Vets - I'm In!

Paws for Japan

Please read FrugalDougal's post about World Vets. I couldn't begin to be as eloquent as he is. @CathyKeisha is a talented writer and gives another view of this crisis. Please read her blog as well. I am part of a blog hop for World Vets. Please visit the links at the end for other stories and items for sale.

Several anipals are joining together to offer our handicrafts for proceeds going to World Vets, @Boomiethecat, @whskr, @CheshireK, and me, MaggieTKat. Some items will be auctioned on Cheshire's blog. Other items will be for sale in our store.

All the monies for my items will go directly to World Vets. I am putting together small quilted wallhangings and notecards. My first wallhangings will be about 18" x 22".

This wallhanging that is almost ready (need to do the binding). It is made from a kimono print produced by Kona Bay. I used elements from other fabrics to add collage to the surface. I attached the collages with free motion using gold metallic Sulky thread. The quilting was done with either clear nylon or rayon thread. Email me if you want to know specifics or better colors.

Here are 2 more hallhangings that I will be doing.


  1. They are GORGEOUS! Love the colors. It's a wonderful way to raise money for World Vets. xoxo Thanx for mentioning my blog.

  2. Your wall hangings are beautiful!! I'm participating by having a commenthon for my Thursday post - please make sure you stop by!

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous Mags. Congratulations to your mom for another fine job.

  4. wow - doze are just beautiful Mags! what a wonderful way to help da anipals in Japan. xoxo

  5. You are so creative and talented Maggie! Thank you again for donating the quilt that @cheriswan won in The Anipal Times drawing!



  6. Oh golly these are just the most beautiful. Kona Bay fabric is the best quality and THE most beautiful Japanese fabric EVER! This HAS to be blogged about * runs off to start writing *

  7. your wall hangings are exquisite! That is a wonderful way to raise money for Japan! xox